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Merchant Commerce Review

Merchant Commerce Review

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Being held accountable to honest and clear rates is of utmost importance to Merchant Commerce. Without contracts or termination fees, the equation for a happy merchant is simple: fair rates + free equipment = customer loyalty. As such, Merchant Commerce offers the best rate for the best product available. As in every review we report, those fees that are non-negotiable and must be charged by the processor are listed, while all others are omitted and therefore negotiable.

Processor Highlights

  • eCommerce, Wireless, Retail, MOTO
  • Individualized pricing programs, low rates
  • Free terminal placement programs and free software
  • Fast application approval - 1 day
  • Superior account management and knowledgeable team
  • 48-72 hours deposits
  • 24/7 in-house tech support
  • Free online, easy to read statements

Contract Term


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  • Monthly statement fee: $4.95 (Retail) or $9.95 (Online)
  • Batch fee: 35¢ avg.
  • Chargeback fee: $30
  • Retrieval fee: $15
  • Voice Authorization fee: 75¢
  • Minimum Monthly fee: $25 avg.
  • Visa/MasterCard/Discover Authorization fees: 15¢ avg. per swipe
  • PIN-Based Debit fee: 25¢ (plus network fees) outside the USA only.
  • Non-Bankcard Card Authorization Fees (Amex, EBT, JCB, Diner): 10¢ added to the base transaction/authorization fee.
  • PCI Compliance fee: Zero
  • ACH Reject Fee: $15 assessed when Merchant Commerce's ACH debit is rejected by the merchant's business bank.
  • Cross Boarder Fee: .55% added to the base rate for International Merchants processing outside of the United States.
  • International Credit cards issued from countries outside USA: 1% added to the base rate.

The following portion of this pricing section highlights regards charges associated with the volume of customer credit card processing generated by any one business. Each transaction is billed according to the amount charged on the customer's credit card. Merchant Commerce offers two rate programs commonly known as Tiered and Interchange-Plus, (the latter refers to Merchant Commerce's "Wholesale" program). Depending on your customer credit card volume, Merchant Commerce will offer you (on average) the following rates.

1. Interchange-Plus

  • Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO): Card not present more than 20% of the time, or Internet-based business models are offered an average .39% plus the cost of interchange rates & network fees charged by Visa/MasterCard/Discover. Interchange rates can be found for public review online at or and are subject-to-change.
  • Brick-and-Mortar Retail establishment: Card present 80%-100% of the time, Retail/QSR Restaurant business models are typically offered less than MOTO accounts .35% plus the Interchange rates. Lodging and Rental type businesses where authorizations are held overnight and settled later average .75% plus Interchange/Cost.
  • Merchant Commerce's PIN-based debit fees are only assessed on internationally operating merchants (outside USA), for an average of 25¢ per transaction. There are additional association and network fees that are "pass-through" to the merchant by Merchant Commerce.

2. Tiered

  • MOTO, Card not Present and/or Internet based businesses are offered an average of 1.69% for Qualified credit-card transactions. Mid-Qualified rewards cards and transactions that do not meet certain requirements are set at an average percentage of 2.28%. Those other Non-Qualified transactions of Business, Corporate, International, Purchasing & Commercial cards average 3.18%.
  • Traditional Retailers (includes Petroleum and Grocery) are offered a Check card/Debit card rate of .35% and 1.59% for Qualified credit card transactions. This means they are swiped at the point of sale on a PCI compliant terminal. Rates for PIN-based debit transactions are the same for Retail Interchange-Plus programs as the rates stated above plus "pass- through" network fees to the merchant. As is the case for the MOTO-tiered program, surcharges associated with the additional tiers are negotiable but fall into the average of 2.19% for Mid-Qualified and 2.95% for Non-Qualified transactions.


Any new and approved merchant can receive a free stand-alone credit card machine, equipped with an internal PIN-pad and capabilities to run on an analog phone line, or with an Internet service provider. Merchant Commerce charges all merchants a $79 annual fee and monthly service fee of $3.95/month for retailers and $10/month for E-Commerce business operators.

For E-Commerce merchants, Merchant Commerce partners with and complies with applicable federal and state data protection laws. Merchant Commerce charges merchants a $5/month internet gateway fee, which includes 24/7 technical support for personalized shopping carts and dashboards.

Additional Product Offerings

Merchant Commerce provides the full range of electronic payment processing for its customers. Merchants seeking to expand online, over the phone or in person will find the expert support they need with Merchant Commerce to accept all forms of payment.

  • Merchant Commerce offers merchants the ability to accept ACH debits directly from a customer's checking account, paper check guarantee and Remote Deposit Capture (electronic check).
  • Gift and Loyalty Cards/Electronic Gift Certificates.
  • eZpay is a new online payment division of Merchant Commerce offerig electronic internet payments for web-based billing or remote business models like insurance companies, utilities and property management companies.


Merchant Commerce makes choosing a processor easier than most other credit card processing companies because it simplifies the system, giving customers choices that make sense to them individually. As a leader in commitment to transparency, Merchant Commerce has omitted the need for contractual agreements, further exemplifying fiscal integrity and enticing merchants to utilize a wider range of processing abilities.

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